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Thanks for dropping by my little piece of the internet.  I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to drop me a line.  

{ Concept Update }

The original idea behind this little project was to take a photo a day and post the results.  You would think it would be pretty easy - somehow my first (and second) attempt did not make it so I've decided to just try and leave a little piece of me each day.  This may be a photo, a quote that spoke to me (and maybe why), a random thought, ones that may not be so random, experiences...in general, life as it unfolds.  

I'm hoping that there's an app for this...

{ Dadda }

or Dad is what I'm mostly called.  For everyone else it's Delano, Jennifer's husband.  We have seven children. Each with their own very distinct personality. We're a Catholic family living in beautiful Austin, Texas who attend church each Sunday - even if there are groans of "I don't feel like it" or "I'm tired" (and it's not always the kids saying that second one).  The breakout is 6 boys to 1 girl and she's kind of enough to let them win once in a while.  There always seems to be something going on in our house.  There's shouting (joyful and not so joyful), music (live and recorded), laughing, playing, reading, and most of all, family love.  They're great kids and I'm blessed to call them mine.  

Thanks again for stopping by

{ Deus Caritas Est }