{ something about being a Dad and having sons }

I'm not sure what it is but the last few times I've been out with my boys I've just been struck by how cool it is to get out of a truck and have your boys in tow as you walk into a place.  I mean, getting out of a truck and then having 5 sons follow you into a store has to kinda make you feel like a bada**.  You're there walking with your beat up shorts or jeans and all have your baseball caps on and people just move out of your way (not to mention that my oldest is almost a foot taller than me).

The funny thing is I don't get the same reactions as my wife does.  They see her with the boys and the first question is sometimes an incredulous "are they all yours?!?".  Now, the difference could be that she will usually have the 6 in tow (adding my beautiful daughter, Mary) or that they just assume I'm some baseball coach - but still...why the difference?  Is it really that if you're a dude with 5 boys in tow you are flexing some procreative prowress but if you're a woman you've been taken advantage of and are being suppressed by some overbearing ox at home?  I honestly don't know...it's a real question.

All that being said - I still felt like a bada** walking into the store with my boys.  More later....


{ Deus Caritas Est }