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--- 1 ---

I'm a bit of a dweeb but I do like some science fiction.  This week I finished "reading" Shadows in Flight (The Shadow Series) by Orson Scott Card.  I put reading in quotes as I have friends who won't give me props or the same credit for audible books as 'real' books.  I of course don't agree but that's for another time and post.  This book is from the Ender Series of books which I've enjoyed for some time now.  It's an interesting premise and can lead to discussions on what is a just war.  Interestingly, Card is a mormon but the main character comes from a Catholic family and is the 3rd and youngest child of a family.  He (Ender) was only allowed to be conceived by a government that has a 2 child mandate after the 2 older siblings didn't qualify for battle school.  That opens the door to all sorts of discussion as well...

--- 2 ---

This is one of the "real" books I'm currently reading (albeit in digital format).  I'm about half way through it and really am enjoying it.  It has a great chapter by our wonderful host, Jennifer Fulwiler.  Pick up a copy and get reading.

--- 3 ---

Here's something that's been on my mind.  My oldest is 14 and my youngest 3.  In all this time I've never really been one for traditional children's songs.  You know?  Recordings of Raffi (sp?) doing Row, Row, Row Your Boat or Itsy Bitsy Spider or something like that.  We did/still do have had CD's of Sara HickmanJoe McDermott and Austin's own Biscuit Brothers and every once in a while they will be played but for the most part that's about it.  When Joshua, my oldest, was about 4 or 5 he fell in love with the James Taylor Live CD and learned all the songs and would actually 'perform' the songs (lip syncing) while on our coffee table.  Well, fast forward 9 years and now my youngest, John, will walk around the house singing things like "Born in the USA" or "Oh, Oh, We're half way there...Oh, Oh, Livin' on a Prayer" or "so remember, your people.  remember your children.  remember your promises, O God....cuz your grace is enough..." and other songs that you would not necessarily hear in a 3 yr old's repertoire.  All that to ask the question....Am I depriving my kids of some sort of toddler right of passage that they experience by learning "she'll be coming round the mountain"?  Will they be mocked as they grow up and hang out with other parents and staring back at them blankly as they think "you want me to sing what?".  I love music so it's a tough call for me.

--- 4 ---

Little league baseball season is almost over for us.  One more week and done...hopefully.  I'm not sure what to with all the 'extra' time once it's done  ....

--- 5 ---

As Jenn said, she'll be speaking at my parish this Monday.  Hope to make it but it all depends on whether Joshua's team wins or loses this weekend.

--- 6 ---

Everyone's heard about the HHS mandate but I had no idea this was also going on...

Rules to implement health care law require separate abortion premium

This is just not right!

--- 7 ---

Ed Sheeran is a new favorite artist of mine.  Here's a song he wrote for a friend of his who had a miscarriage.



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