{ my baby girl }

This is my baby girl.  I call her 'baby girl'.  When i pick her up from ballet class at Slavin Nadal School of Ballet I say "Hi, baby girl!".  She'll always be my baby girl.  I realize I may be somewhat biased as she's my (everyone now..) baby girl but I really do think she is a beautiful young girl and I see myself needing to go out and start shopping for a deterrent device.

She is a young girl who, this year, will become an actual teenager.  A TEENAGER!  I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that but at the same time she has a real sense of innocence and a heart of compassion.  I am so proud of her and the young woman she is becoming.

Just last month or so I had a real sense of accomplishment while we were out together.  Many years ago - before I was married - I attended a conference where James Stenson gave a talk around raising children.  It made such a lasting impression that I've carried many of his thoughts with me.  One of these involved how to treat your daughter as a proper young lady with respect so that she will grow up knowing what it is like to be respected so she can discern through the young men that she meets.

I realize I will never be able to follow her around with my friend everywhere she goes to make sure she is treated right so it has been my 'goal' to make sure I try and follow these little points:

  • always maintain eye contact
  • treat her kindly and gently
  • always try and open the door for her
  • 'protect' her from her sometimes clueless brothers  

Well, it finally happened.  We were going into a store and rather than just pull ahead and beat me to the door she waited for me to get there - pulled over to the side - and waited for me to open the door...no, pulled aside and expected me to open the door for her.  

In a Dad's heart it felt like a real triumph.   My Baby Girl is growing up...

{Deus Caritas Est}