{ 7 Quick Takes - Vol 5 }

--- 1 ---

It's been a rough week.  Monday it was confirmed that our family lost our unborn 7th child.  The kids have been devastated by the news and there have been many tears shed for our little lost baby.  I don't get many visitors if any at all but if you happen to come across this today from Conversion Diary I humbly ask for your prayers for my family as we work through this loss and please pray for a safe natural miscarriage.  Thank you so much.

--- 2 ---


Dominic has reminded me this week of what it is to have to rely on prayer as I felt useless in having any ability to take away his pain.  It's a difficult lesson to go through and I'm sure it won't be the last time.  I will admit to - on occasion - rarely - once in a blue moon - having a streak of stubborness...we are blessed that God is a patient God...

--- 3 ---

This week is our week to get our Farmhouse Delivery.  We've been doing this since January and it is a fun experiment in trying to find things to do with our bi-weekly delivery.  This week I'm told has some delicious peaches and cucumbers - a particular favorite of John's.

--- 4 ---


Yesterday I finished my latest audiobook: The Amateur.  I have to say that it was somewhat of an eye opener as I'm not one to follow politics.  I will admit that for me many things come down to one issue for me.  Will my president support abortion or defend the most innocent of our society?  All else comes second for me. Are there other evils such as oppression and greed and racism?  Yes, of course.  And they are terrible things but a country that allows the destruction of millions of unborn babies will never fix those ills as long as it has a disregard for life.  The family is the cradle of civilization.  Anyhoo...like I said.  This book showed me what a weak and narcissitic man this president of our is and it is crazy how people will overlook many things just to hold a party line.  I think it's time for those like myself to get informed.

--- 5 ---

My oldest son, Joshua, will begin his sophomore year in the fall.  With that comes confirmation and with confirmation has come the decision to change youth programs.  This year he will be registering at St. Williams Catholic Parish in Round Rock.  From everything we've heard the RE program is a solid one and well run.  We went this past Sunday to their SWYM summer meeting and Josh enjoyed it.  Tonight (Thursday) he returned to sign up and play on the summer softball team.  He had a fun time there.  it seems to be a better fit for him as his homeschool teen group already meets at this parish and he has seen a few of those teens already at the two functions he's attended.  I believe I'll be volunteering as well to help however I can.  The pastor, Rev. Dean Wilhelm, knew Joshua's godfather, Rev. Todd Reitmeyer, and so it also feels right to make this change.    

--- 6 ---

Speaking of my dear friend, Fr. Todd (5/13/69 - 5/24/06), every year we get together to remember him and celebrate his life.  His siblings, Harry and Jenn and my family meet at Assumption cemetery and then go to his favorite restaurant, Chili's, to have "bottomless chips and soda, dude!".  Good ol' Fr Todd.  It always makes me smile when I think of that.  This Saturday we will celebrate Fr. Todd's life.

He chronicled his priestly life in South Dakota on his blog, A Son Becomes a Father.  The week he died he was here to visit and celebrate Mary Rachel's first communion.  This is from his last blog post:

"Anyway it went fairly well and and after a marathon of pictures… I got back to my friends house for the celebration. That was a lot of fun. Although, once again, I somehow got pegged as Darth Vader. This time was a lot more dangerous because there were about 4 homeschooling families present. That means a lot of kids. And with only 3 real lightsabers around… there were a lot of creative substitutions… some hurt worse than others. I finally was able to convince them to play hide and seek and I would come find them…. boy was it difficult to find them.. I must have sat many minutes thinking about where they might be. During that time the 2 year old who was afraid of me until today, thought it might be neat to touch the ceiling. I obliged him….. evidently once wasn’t enough… How do you say no to a two year old as cute as this. Well the whole kitten kaboodle (sp?) came around the corner to see why I hadn’t found them… and all decided that they needed to touch the ceiling as well…. At about 10:30 the kids were finally going down and I congratulated Mary Rachel again. She said I can’t believe I received Jesus… it still seems like a dream. Beautiful… and fully explains Matt 18:3. Next we went to do our Catholic duty and participate in the othercott."

With the loss of our little baby this week I can't help but think that Fr. Todd is in heaven with him and praying for us down here.

Requiescat in pace

Article about Fr. Todd by a dear priest friend of his.

--- 7 ---

Don't think I can choose just one so there are two music videos for this week.  They are both favorites of the kids.  From MercyMe's collection of Grab Bag Covers:




Deus Caritas Est

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