{ 7 Quick Takes - Vol 6 }

--- 1 ---

Happy Friday! Last night marked day one of Fortnight for Freedom.  We joined families around the country in praying a family rosary last night.  I have to say that for me it was a different feeling than other times as I usually struggle with the rosary.  My mind wanders.  I get distracted.  The small ones are running around and I can't focus.  But last night was different and I can only attribute it to grace.  As cheesy as this sounds I will share because it really set the tone for what occurred later in the evening: as I dropped to my knees I had this sense that we were entering into a struggle or even a battle that is being waged on us, not only as Catholics, but as citizens of this great country.  Please join the fight.

--- 2 ---

Need some inspiration?


Don't mess with my Church.

--- 3 ---


Early this week I felt moved to turn the vessel that we will bury our little baby in.  I chose sycamore at least for the bottom of it.  If you recall, it was a sycamore tree that Zacchaeus climbed to see Jesus passing through Jericho.  When Jesus saw him he called out to him and told him to come down quickly "for today I must stay at your house" (Luke 19:5).  I believe little David Anthony is now staying in Jesus' house.  I pray I meet him face to face one day.

--- 4 ---

 On a warmer note...

It would seem summer is here.  Not just because of the solstice but because apparently i will need to shield myself from the sun this coming Tuesday.  What strikes me the most about this graphic is the 'Mostly Sunny'.  I wonder what it would be if it was full on sun?!?  Would we have to give some credit to the Mayans?  Would we find out that our goverment has built arks to prepare for the coming polar meltdown? I wonder...anyway...it's H-O-T.  Texas HOT!  Thankfully it will not have to be a dry one...



--- 5 ---

Referring back to Quick Take #1 - last night after Joshua's softball practice it was another moment of grace.  I had made the decison to let him stop doing the religion program he was working on and take a little break while I decided what he could do instead.  I remembered a book that was instrumental in my walk back to the Church and decided we would use that.  He had already picked up a couple of my books off the shelf to read for fun (A Refutation of Moral Relativism: Interviews with an Absolutist   and Making Choices: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Moral Decisions  - both by Peter Kreeft) and so I figured this would be a good time to start taking a crack at the book.  We started with the chapter on spirit.  I have to say it was so much fun opening a dialogue with him where I could see the wheels cranking and him making the connections.  One thing we talked about in just studying the text was how important it is just not to take the words simply as words but to look at the premise being presented and what that means - and at the same time what it doesn't mean.  It's so easy to look at studying as a 'checklist' and to just check off ideas as you read them and just understand the words.  But when you dive deep into the idea being conveyed it opens a door to so much more.  It was awesome to see that smile when he 'got it'.  One thing I walked away with is also how important it is to give him time to think and let him make the connections.  It reminded me of how our Father takes the time with us...even when this student (me) can be bordering on 'invincible ignorance'.  We have a patient and merciful God indeed.

--- 6 ---

New Audiobook I just started:  Witness by Whittaker Chambers.  I'm told this book was instrumental in Ronald Reagan converting from a new deal democrat to conservative Republican and take up the fight against communism.  I'm just getting through the opening chapter which a letter to his children about why he wrote the book.  I'll post more about it as I get through it.

--- 7 ---

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