{ 7 Quick Takes - Vol 7 }

--- 1 ---

Happy Friday! It's been a bit of a rough week but a grace filled one as well.  Did not get much done as far as things that I wanted to get done but looking back it was not a wasteful week.  When I came home Friday I was asked to look out the window.  What I saw was a rope fastened between two of our trees and then a sheet draped over it to make a makeshift tent.  To hold the 'tent' shape they had pulled out one of my tarps to use as a base and then proceeded to 'nail' the sheet through the grommets with makeshift nails (small tree branches).  It was very cute and was proud of their ingenuity in making this and told them how cool it was that they had done that.  Have I mentioned how fun it is to have boys?

--- 2 ---

So, knowing how much fun they had doing that and knowing how much fun they like projects I decided early Saturday morning to take their project to '11' and go with a morning project of creating an actual structure for their tent.  We started off with heading to the Lowes for our supply run.


Once the supply run was complete we went into construction mode.  Now, I should note that there was already a committment to Dominic that I would take him to the pool in the afternoon so I knew we had to work quickly - especially as they day was turning into a towering inferno.  So, with this in mind I decided to pull out the power tools of coolness (coolness because boys love tools and they like them better when they have to be plugged in) to make this construction process go quickly.  With the miter saw, brad nailer, power drill and compressor, we went to work.  Things moved quickly and within a few minutes we had our base constructed.


We continued on after a much needed water break we decided on the number of supports to add and then whether they wanted a base or not.  We finished shortly after the executive decisions were made by the executive board and we moved it to the original spot.  In the pic below you can see we kept the tarp and repurposed the rope.  All salute!

Once construction was completed it was decided by the executive board (pictured above) that they would sleep in the tent.


The outdoor party lasted about 15 min as each one decided to come in one after another once the reality of our Texas heat sunk in.  It was fun though.  And, we did make it to the pool that afternoon.

--- 3 ---

While all that was going on Mary took a quick day trip to Houton to go see her cousin in a production of Beauty and the Beast.  Once she made it back and saw what we had made she reminded me that I agreed to make a nail polish rack for her.  The following day Mary and I worked on this 'Nail Polish Rack'.  We stopped for supplies on the way home after mass and then started after lunch.  I decided to go with just stock boards to make things easy.  The only problem with that is that they are never cut perfectly - at least lengthwise - so it took some doing to find ones that were close.  This project turned out to be a bit more difficult than the previous day's as there were just more parts so we took our time in planning out how we wanted it and how much space these nail polish bottles would take.  With that figured out we started putting it together.


The first part was putting on the shelves.  Because we were using a thin backboard we needed to place some weight on it to flatten it out.  

Once the shelves were glued and tacked on it was time for the sides.  This proved to be a bit more of an issue than i anticipated.  Because of the lightness of the boards it was difficult to have it set properly.  So, I did what any dad would do...break out the bigger tools - in this case my big clamps.


This decision proved to be the right way to go as we were able to secure the sides and keep it from racking out of alignment.  It is now ready and simply needs to be painted and then mounted.  Thinking about going with a french cleat for mobility options.

--- 4 ---

By now everyone has heard about the ruling.  Please continue to pray.

--- 5 ---

Next week we celebrate our great nation's independence.  Please pray for all those here and gone who have fought for our freedom and continue to keep us safe.


--- 6 ---

--- 7 ---

Happy 4th of July!


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