{ 7 Quick Takes - Vol 4 ... Better late than never }

--- 1 ---

Friday, my little Dominic Joseph turned 8.  He's a feisty little boy that has a tender heart with a little bit of stubbornness in the mix to make things interesting.  All he's been asking for for the past year (at least) is an iPod touch.  Well, Friday he received what he's been asking for all this time.  Granted there will be restrictions but he is going to be so excited and feel so 'grown up' as his 3 older siblings have their own already. 

--- 2 ---

So, an 8 year old with an iPod touch.  I know some people will frown upon this and I totally understand as it's sometimes a point of contention in our household.  Mary, my baby girl of 12 yrs, uses it for reading for the most part.  Thomas uses his for reading and keeping up on the latest baseball scores (Go Red Sox!).  Joshua uses his for reading and sometimes listening to podcasts.  Dominic has finally gotten over his shyness and is now reading out loud to his younger brothers and so I really am looking forward to having him take the plunge on becoming a voracious reader like his older siblings.

--- 3 ---

My baby girl had her end of year ballet recital yesterday and she was awesome!  I can't believe how much of a young woman she's starting to become.  I also can't believe how graceful she's become in the last 6 months.  Just this past December, at her class open house I could see what she was struggling with (I couldn't tell you what the position is called) but today she did it flawlessly.  Today she begins two weeks of ballet classes (camp?) where she goes from 10-4:30 Monday through Friday.  That's a lot of ballet!

--- 4 ---

Also today, Monday, my oldest goes of to NYLT Camp with the Boy Scouts.  He'll be gone for the week and we'll be picking him up on Saturday.  This is a special leadership training camp and I'm excited to see what kind of skills he'll be coming back with to share with his troop.  

--- 5 ---

Today also marks the beginning of Thomas' all star tournament.  They practiced all week last week (M-Sat) - That's a lot of baseball…but he loves it and can't wait 'til the game starts this evening.  

--- 6 ---

Finally, this past Saturday I attended the first ever Texas TJEd Family Forum.  It was inspiring day of lectures on leadership education based on the Thomas Jefferson Education book(s) by Oliver Demille.  It really gave me a better idea of some of the principles described in the book and just inspired me to dive deeper into the education of my children and help define what it is I want them to learn in the next school year.

--- 7 ---

Video of the week.  When transferring some music onto Dominic's iPod he reminded me of this one by Mark Schultz.  Couldn't find an actual music video so figured we'd go with one that just shows the lyrics.  Have a great week!

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