{ 7 Quick Takes - Vol 9 - The weekend edition }

Didn't get this done for Friday...hence 'The weekend edition'

--- 1 ---

What's that? You don't recognize me? hmmm....could it be because I've started to try and change a little of my eating habits?  Those who know me know that i have a very limited pallete that has been 'developed' over the period of probably 35 years.  I'm basically a meat and potatoes guy with those meat and potatoes primarily being sourced by fast food.  And if we take a quick inventory of my life we'll see that I have 6 kids and a wife that rely on me for an income.  On top of that...I'm tired....no, really...just really tired.  So, discussing this with Jenn we decided we would take the first step towards chainging our eating habits.  Big changes for me?  No soda and no fries.  To be honest, I thought it would be more of a struggle giving up the soda but I've had no headaches (as has been the result in the past when giving it up for lent).  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I live in a climate that is H-O-T and the cool refreshing taste of water is the only thing that will quench my thirst.  Who knows? But i'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth...it's all about H2O for me these days and I already feel better!

--- 2 ---

So, here in austin we have plenty of great restaurants.  Everything from fine dining to food trailers.  One of my favorites:

Via 313 Pizza

If you're ever in Austin you need to try this trailer out!

--- 3 ---

I did listen to the song our host, Jennifer, suggested and it is a catchy little ditty!  It has been downloaded and listened to many times over the weekend.  Good stuff!

--- 4 ---

Saturday morning was spent out on the road with my daughter.  The mission?  A search for rhinestones.  These are the kind that go on nails.  So, off we went in search of said stones.  Original plan was to go to Sally's.  Well, thinking that she's been there a couple of times I figured we'd maybe try and find some alternative to increase our options.  Unfortunately, the two places that we looked up were closed on Saturday.  Not sure why but they were so after a bit of driving around we ended up back on our original plan and landed at Sally's.  Was I in for a lesson in nail products!  I had no idea there were so many things that had to do with nails!  Well, after going through all the rhinestone options we were waiting in line and of course they have a table that's 50% off of already reduced items and what do we find?  Nail Polish.  Apparently this stuff is not cheap ($8-12 a bottle !?!).  And so this is where I just smile.  My daughter is just so considerate and mindful.  She knows we are not rich by any stretch of the imagination and understands the value of a dollar because she has earned her own money to buy her iPod touch and a couple American Girl dolls.  Well, being her dad I can see her eyes just widen at the amount of options that are sitting in front of her but she is too shy to ask for any of them.  So, I ask if she'd like any and she struggles to choose just one.  I tell her just to get which ones she likes and so we walk to the counter with 6 bottles along with the rhinestones she chose.   It made me so happy to see her eyes just twinkle with her new purchases.  As we were walking out I said, "you know, those are really good prices.  Maybe we should get a couple more".  She just smiled and then said, "you may be right".  So in again and out with a total of 11 bottles of nail polish.  It's fun to be a dad.

--- 5 ---

Now that we had all those bottles of polish and rhinestones it was time to finish her shelf:


--- 6 ---

On the calendar for next week:



--- 7 ---

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