{ It's been a while }

4 months to the day. Can't say I really have any reason other than 'life'.  There have been plenty of times that have come up where I've had the urge to write to either respond to something that I read or to share something that has happened.  Apparently that urge has not been strong enough to sit down and just…write.

I do hope to change that in the coming days.  Things planned:

More Pictures

I seem to have dropped the ball making this happen.  I really enjoy taking photos but for some reason it has felt more like a grind to pull out my camera lately. This is something I need to change and will.

More Posts in General

Nothing elaborate but in the last few months it has struck me that I really would like to have something that my children could look back upon and remember things that happened in our family and maybe see a little more into their Dad and his perspective on those memories.

Specific Posts

One post that I've been trying to write for years is on homeschooling and why we decided this route for our family. It's been a challenge for a multitude of reasons but as our oldest gets older and we get more and more 'questions' from family I think it's time.

Along the same lines I get questions or comments from folks about having so many kids and it's at times an awkward experience based on what they say or ask or joke about. I love having a big family and so there will be more stories on the triumphs and failings and humorous side of having a large family.

Faith. We are a Catholic family and as such there are specific seasons and experiences that revolve around our beautiful Church and so you will see more of that as well.

So, that's my commitment to the blog - for family and friends.  

{ Deus Caritas Est }