{ The Taskmaster }

These days it seems that I tend to break everything down into a 'task' simply to have the ability to organize and 'attack' the day to make sure things get done. My day ends up being a list of to do's and I move from thing to another.

Last night the list was down to:

1.) Drop Joshua off at RR Express Game

2.) Take Dominic to get his new flat bill, Official MLB Boston Red Sox Cap

3.) Pick up Joshua from RR Express Game

I was tired and ready to just be home so rather than take the time to go around and see who wanted to come along and get everyone dressed, locate shoes (because they are never together in a pair for some reason), ensure bio-stops were made, try and get everyone out the door without the dogs getting out, and then trying to get everyone in the truck, then buckled…well, you get the idea.  I decided to 'sneak' out with just Joshua and Dominic on the 'dl'.  

So, we were off and after dropping Joshua off Dominic and I were headed to the RR outlets to get the much anticipated hat.  But then after looking in the backseat as we were waiting at the stoplight he looked so small.  I realized that in focusing on the 'task' I didn't allow for the relationship.  So, I asked Dominic, "would you like to pick up your brothers?  would it be more fun?".  Of course, the response was "yes" - and by then I had hoped it would be.

Brothers and sister were picked up and we had a great time buying a simple cap.  Oh and there may have been some Aunt Annie's pretzel sticks thrown in for good measure.  

Having an empty car just doesn't feel right sometimes.

{Deus Caritas Est}